The Melinda project

How often does prediabetes occur after pregnancy and what are the risks associated with it? How can we prevent progression to diabetes

The Melinda project is an academic, multicenter study about the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for women with a history of gestational diabetes. The project is coordinated by UZ Leuven, the principal investigator is Dr. Katrien Benhalima. This project is a collaboration with 7 different centers: UZ Leuven, OLV Aalst-Asse, UZ Antwerp, AZ Groeninge Kortrijk, GZA Antwerp, AZ Klina Brasschaat and Imelda Bonheiden.

Studies show that women with a history of gestational diabetes, who are diagnosed with prediabetes during the postpartum oral glucose tolerance test, have a 50% risk of developing type 2 diabetes within 5 years of childbirth.

However, we need more data in order to identify the risk factors for the development of prediabetes and to investigate whether we can prevent the progression to type 2 diabetes by introducing lifestyle measures.

The purpose of the Melinda project is to investigate whether an intervention based on a mobile application and telephonic coaching can promote a healthy lifestyle in women with a recent history of gestational diabetes.